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Create a Business that lasts!
The AIM Income opportunity is outstanding.
Whether your goal is to generate enough income to pay for the products you use or to create a full time business you can work from your home the AIM opportunity is outstanding. By sharing good health concepts and the AIM products with others you can sponsor others as Wholesale Members and earn income on your sales and on commissions from purchases that you and those that you sponsor make each month. Here are some highlights.
  • The AIM Products are fully guaranteed
  • FREE Membership with minimum order (may vary from country to country)
  • Commissions many levels deep and infinitely wide
  • Generous Leadership Bonus Program
  • Friendly TOLL FREE Ordering and Customer Support
  • Commissions ranging from 6% to 18% with additional bonus potential
  • First-of-month promotions (retroactive to the first of the month!)
  • Permanent Titles - You are never demoted
  • Compression at all levels
  • Low qualification requirements
  • Free annual renewal with minimum accumulated purchases
  • No monthly minimum to very low 300 point minimum as top producers
  • Minimum investment
  • Low monthly expenses
  • Exciting travel possibilities
  • Products can be drop shipped to customers
  • International business building opportunities
  • Build at your own rate part time or full time
  • With an established downline your business produces even when you can't
  • Business is transferable to Children or others
  • The AIM company is committed to being there for you for generations to come
  • When you are full time you can work from home reporting only to God !
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Earning Potential ??
It's up to you. You can have anything you want if you help enough others get what they want. What is exciting is the growth in the alternative health care field - it is explosive. And the AIM products in the hands of caring people are making a substantial difference Improving the Quality of people's Lives. See our compensation plan.

Success Stories
Read some of the AIM success stories. You'll see some happy people and perhaps start to dream of what your future could be.Success stories - click here.

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BarleyLife - Nutrition that works or your money back!
Nutrition that works or your money back !
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