HumiKleanse Heavy Metal Detox Formula
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HumiKleanse - Humifulvate Heavy Metal Detox
         Heavy metal toxicity is weighing your body down. Rid your body of heavy metals with the new heavy metal cleanser, american image marketingHumiKleanse. HumiKleanse™ is a completely unique, natural product that has been proven to remove lead, cadmium, and mercury from the body through an oral chelation process. The active ingredient, Humifulvate® (an innovative blend of humic and fulvic acids from natural sources), has been used safely and effectively in Europe for over eight years.

HumiKleanse™ combines the power of Humifulvate® and the great taste of natural grape powder in an innovative, delightful drink. Energy increases, mental processes clear, spirits rise as HumiKleanse® begins to lighten your toxic heavy metal load.

Try this delightful, great tasting, natural grape-flavored drink! Order AIM HumiKleanse™ today!       Opens Small ' View Prices' Window
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