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Compensation plan

Welcome to AIM’s Ladder of Opportunity™! Our simple and generous compensation plan is tailor-made to see that you achieve your financial dreams.

Using AIM’s Ladder of Opportunity™ is simple: All you do is use the AIM products, share them with others, sponsor others, build relationships with your downline and teach others to do the same. By performing these simple actions, you will find yourself rapidly climbing your way to financial independence!

Ladder of OpportunityThe first phase of AIM’s Ladder of Opportunity™ is known as the Growth Phase. In this phase, you concentrate on building your business. The whole time you do so, you receive retail profits and commissions on your sales and the sales of others!

As you can see, as you climb the ladder, you start with retail profits, and progress from 6 percent commissions to 18 percent commissions. By the time you reach Director, you are poised to enter the Expansion Phase, where your business really takes off!

As you continue your climb from Director, your financial payback increases. Our Elite Directors earn all the commissions paid in the Growth Phase, plus up to 6 percent commissions on their Directors.

Star Sapphire - Plus 1% on 4th Gen. GVRoyal Emerald - Plus 1% on 5th-Gen GVBlue Diamond - Plus 1% on 6th-Gen. GVChairman's Club - Additional 1% on 1st-6th Gen GV
Director - 6% on 1st-Gen GV, 3% on 2nd-Gen GV, 2% on 3rd-Gen GV

The Expansion Phase also gives Directors the potential to earn bonuses from AIM's Director Growth Bonus pool and AIM's Three Deep Pool.

AIM’s Ladder of Opportunity™ provides you with the means; you determine how high you will go!

Note: BVP means Bonus Volume Points and is the point value assigned to each product. GV is Group Volume and is the points you and your sponsored Members accumulated each month. For help understanding how this works please contact us.

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